Walsall Wood/Shire Oak community facilities survey

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. The answers you provide will be used to access the current situation of community facilities
in the Walsall Wood/Shire Oak area and be used to hopefully improve upon them.

Please answer as many questions as possible. Where applicable, either circle or mark the most appropriate answer(s).

    Your location

  1. Do you live in the Walsall Wood/Shire Oak area?
    Yes No

  2. If no, where do you live?

    Other, please specify:

  3. What is your connection to the area?

    Other, please specify

    Current facilities

  4. Are you aware of the venues available for community use in Walsall Wood/Shire Oak?
    Yes No

  5. How many venues are you aware of?

  6. Please list any venues known:

  7. Have you attended events in any of these venues?
    Yes No

  8. Have you ever organised events held in any of these venues?
    Yes No

  9. Do you feel the current facilities are easy to book/access?
    Yes No Unknown

  10. Do you feel they offer sufficient space and facilities for events in the area?
    Yes No Unknown

    Additional facilities

  11. In your opinion, would the area benefit from an additional venue for community use?
    Yes No Unknown

  12. Which groups do you believe could benefit from a new community centre?
    Organised youth groups
    Retired groups
    Sports clubs
    Zumba/dance classes

  13. What benefits do you feel a community centre could bring to the area?
    Focal point for the community
    Improve the area's image
    Increase in activities
    Increased involvement in existing groups
    Reduced crime/anti-social behaviour
    Social inclusions

  14. What aspects do you feel should be incorporated in to any new centre?
    Activity rooms
    Catering kitchen
    Disabled facilities
    Meeting room
    Outdoor space
    Storage facilities

    About you (optional)

  15. Gender:
    Male Female

  16. Age:
    Under 16
    16 - 18
    19 - 25
    26 - 40
    41 - 60
    Over 60


  17. Would you like to be kept informed of the projects future developments?
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  18. Would you be able to support or like to be involved in this project?
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  19. If you answered yes to either 17 or 18, please provide name and email/phone number so we may contact you as required:
    Phone number:

  20. Any additional comments you may wish to make:
  21. Thank you for completing this survey.